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  • Paul Horabin

Suzuki OmniChord OM27 - 1981

"I can play without learning a note of music!"

This 80's digital oddity is quite a departure from the other instruments we have at the studio.

You play it by holding down the button for a desired chord and then strum your finger up and down the contact strip on the right. It's a pretty gnarly 80's representation of an autoharp. It also has a built-in drum machine with dandy waltz and foxtrot options!

Here's the official Suzuki blurb about the OmniChord from back then...

Sound like a Pro - even if you have never played before!

For the hidden musician in all of us Suzuki beings you the exciting new OMNICHORD - the accompaniment musical instrument that anyone can easily play the very first time. If you love music but don't know one note from another, OMNICHORD now makes it possible for you to sound like a Pro - even if you never played before!



OMNICHORD automatically plays the background music to your favorite songs by providing 27 major, minor or 7th chords that you select. Also choose from six drum patterns or activate the walking bass line. Omnichord can even be strummed like a guitar with the amazing "Sonic Strings" touchplate. Just select a chord and run your fingers along the electronically charged touchplate. Omnichord does the rest, producing 4 full octaves of your pre-selected chord. It's beautiful professional sound is played through its own speaker and internal amplifier. Omnichord is so versatile it's like playing guitar, organ, piano, bass and drums all at the same time! And for concert hall sound Omnichord can be plugged in to your own stereo sound system.


Powered by batteries or optional AC adapter, OmniChord is completely portable and always in perfect pitch. Quality constructed from an unbreakable plastic, OmniChord is packed with the latest, state of the art electronics and includes instruction manual and 1 year warranty. Musician or non-musician alike will be delighted by just how much music this new compact musicomputer can make. Use your Omnichord with Suzuki's specially written Sing-A-Long Songbooks. They contain no traditional music notation - only the words and chord symbols of today's most popular songs. If you know your A B C's it's that easy to make music instantly and play your favorite songs - electronically.

So just for fun at your next party, get-together or social event, bring out the hidden musician by bringing out the best musician in the house - YOU!

- - -

Here's an official video from Suzuki about the Q-Chord, a further development of the OmniChord. It's pretty funny...

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