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The Latest & Greatest Technology


Yamaha Ux1 upright piano


The Real Deal

With a grand piano, a Hammond A100 (w Leslie) and electric pianos there's a large sonic palette all the way from broody to a bull in a china shop!

the snare wall in the cabin


Nothing but the Best

We have an extensive collection of snare drums here at the studio for your every need. From vintage Rogers & Leedy, through Ludwig Black Beauties all the way to Craviotto and Pork Pie.

Recording here you also have 3 full kits at your disposal. Would you like a vintage '67 Ludwig kit for you Rock song? How about a stone age Leedy kit for your Americana? Then there's the DW kit for more modern tones if you so desire. It's all modular, so you can mix and match to your heart's desire!

Fender stratocaster signed by Vince Gill


Recording Essentials

At ReadyMix Music we have several guitars on site. From a cigar box guitar to a Telecaster and a Strat. For basses there is either the 70's Ibanez or the Fender P bass.

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