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Music Programs - kids


In addition to her successful career as a singer/songwriter, our own Sarah Taylor has  developed innovative music programs for kids. The goal is to provide a nurturing, fun and creative environment where students are encouraged to explore and share their thoughts and ideas.

All classes are taught in the studio, greatly enhancing the creative experience.  We find that by learning in a real recording studio, kids feel inspired to take artistic risks and discover new ways to express themselves. 

Sarah's experience working with children is diverse. For 15 years she was the Director of Creative & Performing Arts at The Help Group, one of the most innovative and comprehensive non-profits in Los Angeles serving children with special needs. She has worked for Friends of the Family, another L.A. non-profit and just finished a  semester teaching an after-school  contemporary vocal ensemble group at James Madison Middle School in North Hollywood.  She works with many students privately, teaching voice, developing young songwriters and performers. 

Right now, we have three programs, each developing different musical skills.

Rock Band - Songwriting - Vocal Ensemble

Each 8 week session is $395 and includes all materials needed, studio time, etc.  If you sign up for more than one program, we offer a 10% discount on the second class. 

For more info, please call Sarah Taylor at 818-388-1027 or email

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