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The Beating Heart Of The Studio



With both 8 track (MX5050) and 16 track (Tascam MSR16) machines we accommodate you for your next tape project.

Toft console closeup 2


We have two consoles in the main room.  A Toft ATB 16, giving you 70's tonal vibe, and a heavily modified 40 channel Dynamix D3000 that is an 80's board with 21st century flexibility.

Yamaha Ux1 upright piano in Studio B


Between the 12 core 3.2 Mac Pro and an Avid HDX system with 24ix32o capability we've got your digital recording, editing and mixing needs covered.

Urei 813 monster speaker


  • Yamaha NS10T - a rare version of a studio staple.

  • KRK VXT8

  • Mackie HR824

  • Urei 813 -  Monstrous 70's soffet fitted double 15" speakers.  These are the bigs you've been looking for.



1 x A Designs P1

4 x API 312

1 x Avalon 737SP

1 x Berlant Concertone tube preamp

40 x Dynamix

4 x Millennia

2 x Symetrix

16 x Toft ATB

Outboard compressors


2 x Aphex Expressor
1 x Avalon 737SP
1 x DBX 160x
2 x DBX 163x
1 x Urei LA4

Outboard Compressors


1 x AKG C414B ULS1 LDC

2 x Avantone CK-1 SDC

3 x Cascade Fathead v1 ribbon

1 x ElectroVoice 666

1 x ElectroVoice 408b

2 x Mojavi MA200 (matched pair) LDC

2 x Mojavi MA100 (matched pair) SDC

1 x Neumann U87ai LDC

1 x RCA V74B ribbon

3 x sE Electronics V-B-U

2 x Shure B52

1 x Shure SM7B

8 x Shure SM57

2 x Shure KSM-44 (matched pair) SDC

2 x Sennheiser MD421

1 x Statikstramentz Telephone Mic

1 x Pearlman TM-2 hand wired tube LDC

1 x Pearlman FET prototype LDC

1 x Wildwood Marvel LDC

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