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Billy Payne of Little Feat, piano player

"Paul makes it easy!  I can just concentrate on the performance...The other Hammond I can think of that sounds that good is Mike Finnigan's."

Bill Payne

Michael Lyon wearing marching band outfit

"While part of me hopes this studio remains something of a hidden treasure in the LA recording world, based on my experiences there, Mr. Horabin should have a line of musicians extending out the door/down the block -- folks about to get their songs greatly enhanced and lives uplifted from the golden opportunity of recording here."

Michael Lyon

Joel Alpers, producer and musician

"I can't recommend ReadyMix highly enough. I've been recording there for several years now and I make sure I am in there for every project I am working on. I've recorded full bands, vocal overdubs, and everything in between, always with fantastic results."

Joel Alpers

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